5 SEO Tips to help you rank above the fold and boost your CTR

It is crucial that you put the necessary things above the fold to optimise your website and also if you are looking for a way to boost your conversion rates but that is not all, it is important that you are above the fold as far as search engine results are concerned because people don’t generally click on links that are probably below the top 3 links.


Now tough ranking is extremely important it is not the only thing required, your link needs to be irresistible and to do that just follow the tips I have given below.

Author:  Dennis from StartupEngine.

Title and descriptions should be worth clicking

As far as creating titles and descriptions for your website is concerned you only have limited words so it is important that you keep it as short as possible and give out as much detail as you can. It is also important that you include a few keywords into the title and the description.

The title should click through to a page that is relevant to the title. Make your titles and descriptions extremely clear since there is a word count and in my opinion it would be even better if you can make them a little emotional too.

URL’s you set up should be clear and optimized

It is good if you create a title that is a little emotional but when it comes to URL’s they definitely cannot be emotional. Your URL does not need to be emotionally connecting because it only ranks for the keyword. The URL’s you create should be absolutely clear and to the point.


A good Meta Description is important

When it comes to Meta descriptions there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly the Meta descriptions you write should be detailed. You can ask questions like why, what etc. which tends to work really well and it is also important that you add relevant keywords to it.

The Meta description of each page should be different from that of another page and since you are allowed only a limited number of words to write the Meta description it is important that you fill in as much detail as you can while keeping it short.

Include social sharing

Social media buttons do have an influence on the search results so to make the most these social media platforms you need to firstly make sure you place the share buttons in a place where they can be easily seen.

You can place these buttons on the side or bottom of page or use a scrolling widget.

Next you need to request viewers to share the content but remember the viewers are only going share content if they feel it is relevant so you better post good quality content. 

Decrease noise on your website 

What I really mean is that the side bar should be clean and any clutter should be removed. Also you need to decrease the amount of space you have given to ads because if there are a lot of ads on your webpage people tend to not like it. Also remember to put the ads below the fold.